Our Logo
Designed by Burton Nesbitt Graphic Designers, the Samaritan College Logo embodies the theology, spirituality and community values expressed in the Samaritan Gospel stories. It highlights the importance of the Catholic faith that underpins all our endeavours, emphasising the notion of compassion, selflessness and the benefits of wisdom through our own experiences.

The logo’s composition shows a pair of hands cupped together in a chalice-like structure reminiscent of the Samaritan Woman’s water jar and is also shaped to appear as birds in flight. The birds present the notion of joy and hope in a caring and nurturing environment.  They suggest youthfulness and a positive uplifting perspective.  The main bird in the centre of the composition is comfortably nestled within this cradle like shape.  The cross, also an emerging element, is surrounded by the living water of Jacob’s well, representing faith in action.

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The bird’s closed eye gives the impression of peace, calm, tranquillity and freedom, underpinned by a sense of support and security.  The fresh, open structure makes for a positive, uplifting impression that helps to project a sense of hope and aspiration. The central bird with irregular and outstretched wings suggests a welcoming environment and can also be viewed as emerging and taking flight. The wings embrace the cross emerging out of the living water - for at the heart of it all are the Christian values of the community.